Pimcore "Senior" certification
Maguy TARTRY, Betterflies founder, got certified with the highest level of certification

Pimcore started mid 2019 to offer a certification program offering 2 levels: Junior and Senior. This program was mainly designed for developers but covers an extensive range of subjects on Pimcore. Subjets concern the Pimcore admin configuration, specific tools and features as well as the PHP code that can be written to fully embrase the project requirements. 

Maguy TARTRY passed with success both certification levels: "Pimcore Developer Junior" in October 2019 and "Pimcore Developer Senior" in January 2020. Eventhough Maguy is a functionnal expert on Pimcore, she takes pride to master Pimcore in its entirety. She has personnaly developed several websites with Pimcore. This certification ensures reliability and competence.  

Pimcore certification for Maguy TARTRY, Betterflies

Pimcore Inspire 2019 event
Betterflies was present

Each year, Pimcore (company in Austria) organises a 2 days international event to regroup system integrators or professionals who work with Pimcore. During this event, Pimcore actors discuss new features, best practices, marketing trends, new problems solved and well as success stories on how some integrators helped their customers with Pimcore. 

Betterflies was very happy to take part of this event!

Pimcore partner conference Betterflies

PSM1 Scrum certification
Maguy Tartry is PSM1 Scrum certified

Scrum is an agile project management framework providing great team performance while brining incremental results on a regular basis. The goal is to be able to adapt along the way if new needs appear or some changes are necessary.

Certification Pimcore Maguy TARTRY Betterflies