MDM big project to manage a unique data repository for all companies in the group.

Projet MDM par Betterflies pour le groupe Safo


Safo group is a major retailor in the french Carribeans. Safo owns and manages more than 100 stores running under different franchises or affiliations: Carrefour, FNAC, Picard et Maisons du Monde. The Pimcore MDM project had to handle over a million of SKU.

This repository concerned multi brand products coming from multi suppliers, plus all companies entities, payment and conditions. It was a complte MDM project communicating with different ERP systems and other clients. 

Logo du groupe SAFO projet MDM référentiel unique pour toutes les sociétés du groupe

Many bulk import / export features and process management were done. Data quality was also a very important part of this project. 

Carrefour Milenis en Gaudeloupe, groupe SAFO

Carrefour Milénis in Guadeloupe, biggest store owned by SAFO group in the french Carribeans

Both the most difficult and the most intersting part of this project consisted in feeding Pimcore with data from many different sources, including the text complex data flow coming from Carrefour affiliates platform. Data modeling needed to be very lean and generic while keeping all franchise, suppliers, product specificities... Thanks to its great flexibility, Pimcore was the best choice for this project. 

Betterflies helped Safo group on this project on many roles:  

Pimcore referent Data modeling Project management
Training Proxy product manager




Betterflies has provided Pimcore training, consulting and expertise to several system integrators. Names can be given on request. 

A final user company has recently asked Betterflies to perform an audit on an existing site that had been developed without Pimcore knowledge or expertise. The company was either happy with the performance of the system nor with the final user dashboard and product sheets. The audit results showed many strange uses of Pimcore tools and offered many ways of improvement. Best practices had not been respected because of the lack of knowledge. Data modeling needed to be reconsidered for better results. Name can be given on request.