What is a Digital Asset Management System?

A DAM is the acronym for Digital Asset Management. A DAM is a digital solution used for Marketing, Communication, pre-sales and sales activities. Thanks to a DAM, you can fully manage all digital medias like videos, pictures, photos, documents, user manuals, certifications... anything being useful to describe, market, present, advertise your products and services, produce sales material, brochures, e-commerce sites or catalogs.


Cycle de vie pour un Digital Asset Mangament (DAM)  | © Haztowichp / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

What is the role of a Digital Asset Management System?

At first, a DAM was mostly a very well-organized media library for all your digital assets. Nowadays, those collaborative platforms offer much more than just storage!

Thanks to a DAM, you may Store securely, Organize via different segmentation methods and structures, Enrich your data with meta data for copyright information or SEO improvement, add notes and tags, expiration dates, Manage versions... Share with the right persons and right duly authorized applications. All empaphized words here have a major meaning!

Pimcore DAM

Pimcore DAM is fully integrated in the Pimcore platform. Fully integrated, all PIM, MDM, Ecommerce and CMS modules can embed digital assets from the DAM. Pimcore offers a complete centralized repository for all your digital assets as well as your products and documents, with workflow capabilities, image transformations, high performance and automatization...

Digital asset management (DAM) de Pimcore site de démo | © Pimcore demo material

Pimcore DAM and multi-channel publishing

Store only each image once in the highest resolution for your needs. Pimcore will then take care of all different formats and resolutions on the fly according to the resolution to the channel you need. You may also watch 360° or VR images! 

DAM Pimcore module