Consulting services for PIM, MDM, DAM & E-commerce projects

Betterflies offers various consulting services for companies who have a PIM / MDM / DAM / E-commerce project, in particular with  PIMCORE.  

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General overview

Consulting services for PIM / MDM / DAM / E-commerce websites with Pimcore

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Which type of projects do we work on

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Why betterflies

We are integrator independant, and have technical and functional expertise on complex projects with Pimcore

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About Pimcore

Our consulting offer is based on our expertise on the Pimcore platform... but what is Pimcore exactly?

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Maguy TARTRY Betterflies CEO

About betterflies

What if we talked about Maguy Tartry, Betterflies CEO... 

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our certifications

Do you need more proofs or legitimity? We are Pimcore certified (all 4 levels)

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Consulting services on Pimcore projets

Our references

Need to see some references, great projects we worked on? We can't talk about all of them, but give you a little idea...

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We act in the digital transformation of companies

Since January 2019, Betterflies has been supporting companies in their digital transformation with the Pimcore platform. Thanks to the expertise and experience of this platform, Betterflies now offers out of the box solutions to address specific issues. The first solution is the Product Marketing Platform. This platform was specifically designed having industrial companies in mind.

Betterflies presents the Product Marketing Platform

Digital platform for product marketing in industrial companiesuit des entreprises industrielles | © Photo by mohamed hassan form PxHere

For which companies

The Product Marketing Platform is the very first out of the box platform for product marketing, specificially designed to respond to industrial companies specific needs.  
Betterflies supports companies aiming Industry 4.0 by improving and streamlining many time-consuming and fastidious tasks.

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Industy 4.0 and digital transormation in the industry | © Creative Commons Zero - CC0 -


Data is scattered in internal Word, Excel  or other documents that never get updated. Lots of information is lost, data is inacurate, documents are duplicated... not to mention the email pollution resulting from all these facts...
As a consequence, your documents lack consistency, your marketing, communication and sales teams lose valuable time to collect data and to use it with a nice layout they need to create than to do what their real job is, where their best added value lies.  You want to sell faster and better...


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The product marketing platform


The Product Marketing Platform automates the entire value chain of product marketing information.

Centralize your product information on a single platform and enjoy multi-channel publishing:
- Automatically generate your technical and commercial documents
- Feed your website in real time with dynamic, up-to-date product pages
Offer a portal (with restricted access) to your teams or salespeople around the world.

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