Centralize all your product data
Once, as a reference

Centralize all your product data on one and same platform.

Deal with only one source of truth and ensure that you data rimes with quality, thanks to a validation workflow.

Update  your information once and easily thanks to highly structured and linked information. 


Centralized product information

Generate automatically your datasheet
preliminary or final! 

Generate automatically standardized technical and commercial documents (datasheets, catalogs...) 

Don't lose time on creating nice layouts. Just fill out all necessary information in specific fields, create as many table, images or text blocks as necessary and simply push a button to automatically generate a ready to use datasheet!

Benefit from a personnalized template showing your colors and logo and respect norms and ISO certifications. 


Generate a customized catalog on demand
Relevant sales documentation

You only sell some specific products via a partner? In a specific country or to a specific account? You would like to present all products regarding an application or a market?

The Product Marketing Platform lets you do this!

Just click and drop the desired products and add your additional text. 


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Share the right information to the right audience
Multi lingual portal or web site Always up-to-date!

Retrieve easily acurate and consistent information as well as your product value propositions. 

Secure data management across your company, your subsidiaries and partners.


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