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Betterflies was founded in January 2019. 

Betterflies provides consulting services on PIMCORE. Pimcore is an open source platform which requires a lot of expertise. Unlike most companies working with Pimcore, we are not a system integrator, do not plan to become one and are not tied to any. Instead, we work with other system integrators  when needed and can assist customers who prefer to develop their Pimcore projets in house. 

Betterflies provides functional and operational consulting

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Betterflies founder

Maguy TARTRY has a double diploma in Marking and Computer sciences (Masters at the Engineering school of the Mines from St-Etienne, France). Following a long experience in both fields, Maguy chose Pimcore in 2014 and decided quickly to become expert on this platform. Pimcore was a perfect fit to solve all the various issues Maguy had identified on the field. 

2017, Maguy TARTRY is recruited by Datasolution, strategic partner in France (Paris). After working for 18 months on e-commerce projects and Pimcore projects, in project management as well as pre-sales, Maguy decided to found her own consulting company specialized on Pimcore. 

Maguy TARTRY Betterflies CEO

Scope of intervention
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Betterflies provides functional and technical expertise on all Pimcore modules: PIM, DAM, MDM, CMS and e-commerce. 

The company is based in Lyon, France, but can work on mission in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands... anywhere in Europe or even further. We speak French, English, German and "Pimcore"!

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To contact us, send an email to or call us at +33 4 28 29 42 63.

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