What we do

We assist companies who are considering Pimcore as the platform to use for their future need, whether they develop a “in house” application or look for a system integrator. The goal may be to have a PIM, a DAM, a e-commerce or a company website, a full intranet site… Whatever your application objective, we can help you to identify your exact needs and how to solve them with Pimcore. We specifically use a language easy to understand and accessible to most. We can help on the global strategy of the project and we can help finding the right system integrator if needed, or even offer a turnkey project. We also help integrators who need extra help to deliver their Pimcore project on time.

About Pimcore

Pimcore is the only open source platform combining PIM, MDM, CMS and e-commerce solutions. These different functionalities may be used all together, for instance for an e-commerce project for which product information needs to be structured, complete and qualified. Nevertheless each module can of course be used independently and can interact with other systems, thanks to its 100% API driven architecture.

We can help you

assitance to general contractor for Pimcore project | © Pimcore and open source


You are looking Pimcore as the solution for your digital transformation? Our consulting services help you to analyze, finetune and express all your needs, even the ones you may not think of. We are experts in all fields covered by Pimcore: PIM, MDM, DAM, E-commerce, company and intranet websites and we can assist you along every step of your journey. Make sure you spend your money for a project fitting your exact needs!


Consultancy for project with Pimcore | © Pimcore & Open source

Prime contractor

You are working with the Pimcore solution for your own needs or as an system integrator for your customer.  You have all the specifications and need now to play all your assets to succeed with this project. Unfortunately, you don’t know Pimcore yet and Pimcore for beginners may be quite challenging! We can help you for operation on various roles. We can train your team, be the occasional Pimcore expert, be responsible for the data model... 


Product owner or proxy product owner on Pimcore projects | © Pimcore & open source

Product owner

You selected a system integrator to work on your Pimcore application, but you don’t know Pimcore or are not technical enough to provide lean information to the development team. Your language may not be understood, data modeling may end up far more complex that it should, results can be very deceiving. Furthermore, at Betterflies, we strongly advice that the customer keeps a good vision and understanding of the data model on a macro and functional level. The more the product owner understands how Pimcore work, the more streamlined the application will be. We can help you speak the same language and “translate” both ways if needed. 


Analysis to determine if Pimcore is the right choice  | © Pimcore & open source

Data modeling

Pimcore ultra flexible data model is one of the greatest strengh Pimcore Pimcore has to offer!
Pimcore is a great toolkit and not a ready to deploy plaftorm like most of its MDM/PIM competitors provide. Thanks to this, Pimocore projets can trully correspond to the exact customer needs without the compromise that becomes necessary to enter in a fit-all box. 

That also means that a data modeling on Pimcore is a very very important step ! Defining the right entities and interactions between these entities are essential. They require a good knowledge and great experience of Pimcore. We can help you on this. We can audit,  advice or model your data. Don't put your project in geopardy because you missed the importance of this step !


Pimcore choice validation | © Pimcore & open source

Project management

Pimcore is a toolbox and require a lot of expertise and knowledge to fully embrace the potential this great platform has to offer. 
A project manager with Pimcore knowledge will necessary guide the developpers to make the right choices on Pimcore, be as close as possible from the final customer needs while beeing as lean as possible in the way to accomplish the final result. Understanding both functionnal and technical aspects on the project is the best way to avoid a truly labyrinthine system.


Training on Pimcore in French and/or English

Audit / Pimcore referent

You decided to start working on a Pimcore project in house with no experience and no knowledge of the platform. While learning by yourselves is completely possible, it requires lots of time. A training of all Pimcore principles is a must to save time and make sure you understand the most important best practices. Data modelisation is also Pimcore specific and needs some expertise and good knowledge unless you only work on the CMS module from Pimcore. Even then, Pimcore offers much more than you may think ! After the training, having a Pimcore expert as a referent will help you to be on the safe side! If you started working with Pimcore and have any doubt about your current project, an audit can also be a good idea and help you go back on the right track!

Data modelisation on Pimcore | © Pimcore & open source

Turn key project

You don't have any experience or expertise with Pimcore projects and noone in your company can dedicate enough time to learn all what is needed to manage this project in house. 
You would like to have one single contact person to analize all the project phases, find developers to work on the application for you, deliver the final project and train your teams. We can help !

Project management with Pimcore


Before diving in a big Pimcore development project, you would like to make sure that Pimcore is the right fit for you. 
You have specific needs and issues: we can work with you on a POC (Proof of Concept) or a preliminary analysis. .

Pimcore referent | © Pimcore & open source


You need to integrate Pimcore but have no knowledge of this platform. We can help you with both our functionnal and technical expertise. We assist integrators or digital agencies new to Pimcore as well as companies who want to adop Pimcore for their own needs and want to develop the project in house. We provide functionnal, technical and operational training on Pimcore.