Betterflies services may concern different types of companies, different services and roles as well as different types of projects!

In this description, we use a fairly easy vocabulary in oder to be understood by most people, not just experts.


Our services concern all projects that can be managed on Pimcore! One of Pimcore biggest strenght is to be able to address many different problems and goals in the company, all while being open source!


Pimcore is ideal for many different projects because Pimcore data model is extermely flexible and because Pimcore comprises many very interesting features. With Pimcore, we can do "everything" but more specifically, Pimcore is particularly adapted to the following project examples:


A dynamic web sitea web site where all pages are generated on demand according to results of a database query and last published information from the marketing team. For instance, all product pages use the same template to display information. The template is done once while as many pages can be dynamically generated as there are products in the database. 


A PIM (Produt Information management): a repository for all product information allowing to centrelize data as well as insure data quality. The PIM usually communicates with ERP(s), e-commerce sites (if Pimcore is not used for that) or other software third parties. Having one signle source of data while using many distribution channels like product web pages,  digital or paper catalog...  is what a PIM is all about.


A DAM (Digital Asset Management) is an advanced media library. Usualy, a picture for instance is stored once in the highest resolution and can then be used many times in different formats automatically generated by the DAM.


A MDM (Master Data Management) works like a PIM but for data beyond product information.  


A "E-Commerce" website offers product information with prices, special offers, the possibilitiy to order, to implement specific discount rules... 


A customized website offers the end user a unique customized experience on a website. 


A intranet/extranet portal can offer many services: datasheets, brochures, training material... possibility to order promotional material, access the media librairy, configure orders, create proposals.... this is a perfect exemple of project that can use all Pimcore functionnalities (PIM, DAM, CMS, e-commerce)...

Here are some exmples of services we can provide according to your activity, your needs, your level of knowledge / expertise on Pimcore, the status of your project and all your questions. Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive!

You are looking for a PIM / MDM platform and are not sure which one to adopt

Many PIM / MDM solutiongs exist on the market. Most of them are proprietary, some of them like Pimcore are trully and completely open source.

Pimcore offers many benefits but comes with some backsides as well that you should better know from the start before you fully engage. Betterflies PIM / MDM consultants can help you analyse your needs, different solutions you consider... At the end, Betterflies can help determine if Pimcore is a good fit for you or which other solution is a better choice. 

In this case, Betterflies can help you with:

Betterflies can help  !

Solution comparison

Project analysis & specs


You chose Pimcore for your project but have no competence or expertise on the subject

Pimcore is not a "out of the box" solution. Pimcore is more a tool box offering a wide variety of use, whether we talk about the final customer experience or the data model behind. The goal here is to respond perfectly to the final user needs. With Pimcore, you don't try to fix in a box, you adapt Pimcore modules for your need!

Nevertheless, diving into Pimcore with no experience and competence on the subject is very hasardous and may cost a lot of money to learn the hard way (spending a lot of time). Finding Pimcore basic documentation in English is fairly easy. Looking a the provided effective Pimcore live demo is also very useful, nevertheless, no ready to fill template or pre-configured data model is provided. You need to know what you are doing! The quite specific data modeling from Pimcore is key to Pimcore extreme flexibility. You need an excellent knowledge and experience of Pimcore to unleash its full potential and avoid creating a counterproductive labyrinth system.

Sometimes, a training focusing on particular needs for the projet and presenting Pimcore grand principles and philosophy will be enough to start off the right foot. Nevertheless, we insist on the importance of data modeling and suggest to offer an extra assistance on this topic unless your project is fairly simple with not many different objects.

As a summary, if your team lackes competence and experience to start a project with Pimcore, Betterflies can help!

Training Data model  Project management



Project management

Managing a digital project like a PIM, a MDM, a company intranet, an e-commerce website requires lots of resources in time, specific competences, even if you plan to work with a system intergrator. These competences and the requested time is not always available in the company when you need it. Betterflies consultants may help you with the full pre-analysis to the acceptance of the project, including the redaction of the specifications, the search for a system integrator and tender management, the interface with the final contractor...

Projet management

Projet management


You are looking for a syste integrator but don't know which one to choose

Finding a system integrator is not necessarily easy and does not just get resumed to a final quote figure! That would be too easy!

Some system integrators are more or less specialized in some Pimcore functionnalities but not all, price calculation and project management methods may also strongly impact the choice to make... Hard to be able to tell all these differences if you don't know much about the subject...

Furthermore, the more detailed the specifications are from the start, the better you will be able to compare at the and. While it is not necessary to get the final specifications written in stone, you need to get a clear documented view of what is needed to calculate exactly how much it would cost. Knowing about PIM / MDM features, agile (or not) methodologies... may help you figure out which system integrator to choose. And if your budget is limited... that is ok too, we can help you putting off shore companies in competition.

  Project manager
Pimcore referent

You work in agile mode and need a product owner. (or proxy product owner)

To be a good product owner, you need to trully understand customer needs, listen to all involved third parties and manage priorities. You also need to spend time, lots of time, to write user stories, follow the backlog, discuss with the scrum master, check each increment, participate to all meetings... Internal project managers or final users do not necessarily have this time nor all the needed skills and experience to be product owners on their own. Furthermore, we think that data modeling with Pimcore needs to be reflecting all functionnal needs as closely as possible. You need a product owner or proxy product owner (working closely with the product owner) who understands both the functional requierements and the technical ways to implement these requirements with Pimcore. 

We can help you !

Data modeling P.O.

You want a turn key project

You are looking for a complete solution. Looking for an integrator may be a good idea but you often need to already know what you need and have specifications. While these requirements can be fine tuned with you by the integrator, you will not necessarily get all advice and consulting services you could expect. Furthermore, you will talk "functional needs" while the system integrator will respond with "technical choices" that will work for what you asked but may not be the right choices for  a longer term vision. Finally, you don't have much control on the projet and may find out bad surprises like new code entries not beeing found bSingecause lists were not managed "dynamically", meaning taking in account real data in the database. 

Betterflies could offer you advice and expertise to make sure your project fits your requirements as close as possible and to ensure your future needs are taken in account. If you don't want to have two different companies to talk to, we can then subcontract the development for you to an integrator, in France or off shore according to your budget. You then have one contact with periodic reports. 

Consulting Data modeling P.O.
Project manager
Pimcore referent Single sub-contractor

You are system integrator. You alreay work with Pimcore but lack functional resources

Functional and/or technical Pimcore experts are few and far between. 

Train a new recruit to develop on PIM, MDM, DAM, E-commerce fields... takes lots of time. Train a functional expert on Pimcore specific data modeling takes even longer and finding the right person is difficult ! That person needs to understand functional and technical needs and have enough experience to provide the best consulting services for the customer. 

You just received an order for a Pimcore projet but all your Pimcore experts are working one different missions. If you can't deliver the project in time, you might very well lose the order! We can help you to work around this problem. 

Betterflies can help you with: 

Pre-sales Modélisation Gestion de projet