What is a PIM?

The term PIM stands for Product Information Management. Thanks to a PIM solution, you can enter, modify, store, enrich manage all your product information data, including versions. With a Product Information Management System, you get a centralized and qualified repository. Just store your information once in one single place and broadcast it for all your channels.

PIM Product Information Management to structure and store your product data

Pimcore PIM

With the PIM from Pimcore, you can import data from many sources, manually, via spreadsheets or an API. You can then enrich your data thanks to drag and drop features and convenient data forms. Translate all your data in many languages, adopt a workflow... Please watch Pimcore video to present more features. 

Quick comparison between Pimcore PIM & other PIM solutions

Most PIM solutions offer a single segmentation method with sometimes limited levels. Consider Pimcore (open source solution) more like a giant toolbox. Of course, the learning curve is steeper but at the end, your data model can match exactly your business needs. Whether you have several ERP or different brand, stores, business units, different needs or a requirement for multiple segmentations, you will surely see the limits of the all-fit-in solutions. Furthermore with Pimcore, you can fully integrate your PIM with a MDM, DAM, CMS, E-commerce solution....

For a 10 point comparison guide showing Pimcore versus Akeneo, click here to see Pimcore's point of view.

PIM Data model - structure and flexibility